Changes…Changes Welcome to 2015 Crew Supporters Union

It’s been a busy off-season for Crew Union leadership filled with exciting changes for the supporters group and for members.

New Crew Union Logo

The most visible change this offseason has been the change to our logo.  While we will always love the old logo designed by member Aaron Brown and in use since inception in 2006, the leadership felt an update that recognized where we are and where we are heading as a supporters group was in store.  Designed by Kevin Glenn, we think it encapsulates everything we hope to convey.


Elements of the new logo

  • The design holds Crew Union’s traditional circle shape with the inner and outer rings displayed to pay homage to Crew SC’s new badge.  This serves to remind us that first and foremost as supporters we exist to support this Massive club.
  • The state of Ohio with a capital star for Columbus is displayed at the top in recognition of the many Crew Union members who travel across the state and nation to come to Columbus to support Crew SC.  We recognize that Crew SC is not just Columbus’, but Ohio’s team.  As an organization we strive to give a platform to all supporters across the state and nation who support this team.
  • Crew Supporters Union is predominantly displayed in the center to show the pride members have in this supporters group that continues to grow and evolve in our support of Crew SC.  It also serves to formalize our more recognized shortened name of Crew Union by the typeset of the words.
  • LCL 614 ties our organization to the great City of Columbus and our commitment to making it truly MASSIVE.  We are and always will be Columbus til I Die.


Besides the tremendous support of the members, one of the aspects that has made this supporters group so successful and able to serve it’s members has been the lack of turnover in leadership from year to year.  Consistently there have been great people who work behind the scenes to make sure that members are taken care of and their voices represented in meetings with the front office.  This off-season, however, has seen the departure of some of those key leaders who helped build this supporters group to what it is.

John Clem, who has been our president since 2008, stepped down this off-season.  He continues with Crew Union as a season ticket member to help with our social media outreach and to help lead us in chants in the stands as always.  His contributions will be missed in everything we do, but we wish him the best as he moves forward.

To replace John as president, our long time Treasurer, Kevin McCollough, has stepped forward.  Kevin has always been a guiding light in our supporters group and will continue to do so in this new capacity.  Robert Rovick will be moving from the accountant position to fill in as Treasurer.

Also joining us this year into the position of Committee Liaison Officer is Kevin Glenn. You probably know Kevin from the great work he does with #tifosweat and his contributions to AO Columbus.  His involvement brings a graphic designers mind to the leadership.  We see the knowledge and involvement he has in other groups who support this team as key to how we want to involve members as we move forward.

Getting Involved

Our supporters group started with about 30 supporters deciding to move from section 137 to 103 in 2006.  It has now grown to over 800 members in 2014.  We have over 100 full season ticket members and over 30 who have half season ticket membership.  Every year we have increased our season ticket commitment with Crew SC to the point that we now control all of section 101 for the first time.  This is all the result of the great members who have given their time, money, and support to Crew Union over the years.

The leadership of Crew Union have always known that in order to continue to move forward and grow as an organization, we need to better involve our members.  However, we have often fallen short in asking for that help.  This year we plan to ask if you want to volunteer and get you involved in areas that you are passionate about as supporters. Whether that passion is for Tifo, charity, in stadium atmosphere, or tailgates, we know your contributions will be such that it will propel this supporters group to heights we never thought possible just like it always has.

2015 Crew Union membership is available in the webstore.  We hope you’ll join us for another exciting season in support of Crew SC.

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