Crew Union originally was not going to make MLS Cup tickets available until 11/30 when MLS Cup in Columbus was a reality, but due to the stage opening up, we wanted to give you all a chance to know exactly what you can purchase from us so that you can purchase MLS Cup tickets through other means.  We have a very limited number of tickets and although we would like to accommodate everyone’s needs, it’s just not going to be possible.

Earlier in the week we made tickets available to our Season Ticket Members.  The window for that has closed.  All remaining MLS Cup tickets allocated to Crew Union will be distributed via a lottery to 2015 Crew Union Members. The lottery draw will take place this evening and all 2015 Crew Union members will be entered into the drawing. The members selected in the draw will be notified by email tomorrow.  You will have an opportunity to reserve 1 ticket which are $40 each.  On 11/30 if MLS Cup is in Columbus, you will be sent an invoice to pay for the tickets.  All tickets are pick up only and must be picked up at the tailgate 12/6.

If you are not selected for tickets, we apologize, we value all members and wish we had 1 ticket to give to everyone.  However, stage tickets are still readily available which you can purchase at the Mapfre Stadium Ticket Office on Monday.

Glory to Columbus!!!

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