Changes…Changes Welcome to 2015 Crew Supporters Union

It’s been a busy off-season for Crew Union leadership filled with exciting changes for the supporters group and for members.

New Crew Union Logo

The most visible change this offseason has been the change to our logo.  While we will always love the old logo designed by member Aaron Brown and in use since inception in 2006, the leadership felt an update that recognized where we are and where we are heading as a supporters group was in store.  Designed by Kevin Glenn, we think it encapsulates everything we hope to convey.


Elements of the new logo

  • The design holds Crew Union’s traditional circle shape with the inner and outer rings displayed to pay homage to Crew SC’s new badge.  This serves to remind us that first and foremost as supporters we exist to support this Massive club.
  • The state of Ohio with a capital star for Columbus is displayed at the top in recognition of the many Crew Union members who travel across the state and nation to come to Columbus to support Crew SC.  We recognize that Crew SC is not just Columbus’, but Ohio’s team.  As an organization we strive to give a platform to all supporters across the state and nation who support this team.
  • Crew Supporters Union is predominantly displayed in the center to show the pride members have in this supporters group that continues to grow and evolve in our support of Crew SC.  It also serves to formalize our more recognized shortened name of Crew Union by the typeset of the words.
  • LCL 614 ties our organization to the great City of Columbus and our commitment to making it truly MASSIVE.  We are and always will be Columbus til I Die.


Besides the tremendous support of the members, one of the aspects that has made this supporters group so successful and able to serve it’s members has been the lack of turnover in leadership from year to year.  Consistently there have been great people who work behind the scenes to make sure that members are taken care of and their voices represented in meetings with the front office.  This off-season, however, has seen the departure of some of those key leaders who helped build this supporters group to what it is.

John Clem, who has been our president since 2008, stepped down this off-season.  He continues with Crew Union as a season ticket member to help with our social media outreach and to help lead us in chants in the stands as always.  His contributions will be missed in everything we do, but we wish him the best as he moves forward.

To replace John as president, our long time Treasurer, Kevin McCollough, has stepped forward.  Kevin has always been a guiding light in our supporters group and will continue to do so in this new capacity.  Robert Rovick will be moving from the accountant position to fill in as Treasurer.

Also joining us this year into the position of Committee Liaison Officer is Kevin Glenn. You probably know Kevin from the great work he does with #tifosweat and his contributions to AO Columbus.  His involvement brings a graphic designers mind to the leadership.  We see the knowledge and involvement he has in other groups who support this team as key to how we want to involve members as we move forward.

Getting Involved

Our supporters group started with about 30 supporters deciding to move from section 137 to 103 in 2006.  It has now grown to over 800 members in 2014.  We have over 100 full season ticket members and over 30 who have half season ticket membership.  Every year we have increased our season ticket commitment with Crew SC to the point that we now control all of section 101 for the first time.  This is all the result of the great members who have given their time, money, and support to Crew Union over the years.

The leadership of Crew Union have always known that in order to continue to move forward and grow as an organization, we need to better involve our members.  However, we have often fallen short in asking for that help.  This year we plan to ask if you want to volunteer and get you involved in areas that you are passionate about as supporters. Whether that passion is for Tifo, charity, in stadium atmosphere, or tailgates, we know your contributions will be such that it will propel this supporters group to heights we never thought possible just like it always has.

2015 Crew Union membership is available in the webstore.  We hope you’ll join us for another exciting season in support of Crew SC.

Crew Union 2014 Membership and Season Tickets

Just in time for the holidays you can purchase your 2014 Columbus Crew season tickets through Crew Union and 2014 Crew Union membership

2014 Season Tickets

  • Full-Season
    • Price is only $306 till February 14th when the price will go up to $324
    • Includes all 17 regular season MLS matches and 1 special game tickets (Opponent and Date TBD)
    • Includes a 2014 Crew Union membership
    • New for 2014: Crew Union will cover the cost of your match ticket to regular season away games when there is no NorOnTour trip
  • Half-Season
    • Price is only $190 till February 14th when the price will go up to $200
    • Includes 10 regular season MLS matches of your choice
    • The half-season ticket package also includes a 2014 Crew Union membership

Deposits will be accepted until the beginning of March and can be applied to either a half-season or full-season ticket package. A Crew Union representative will contact you once the deposit has been placed to discuss payment plan options

2014 Membership

The 2014 membership packages will be available for purchase at all viewing parties, tailgates and select other events this season. The cost for new members is $20.

Our membership package for 2014 is still being finalized but will likely include a scarf, some other swag and membership card which gets you discounts at places such as Fourth Street Bar.

Your membership also gets you 20% off drinks and 25% off food at Fourth Street Patio

Crew Union Leadership Elections and Upcoming Events

Each offseason brings about a number of changes and this year brings the first Crew Union leadership election that’s part of our charter needed to be a registered not-for-profit in the state of Ohio. As our organization continues to grow this is one of the steps to making it sustainable long-term.

Below are upcoming events and the details on the election.

  • Sat 12/7 at Fourth Street:
    • 2pm End of Season Membership Meeting and Elections Information Session
    • 4pm MLS Cup Watch Party
  • Sun 12/8 Deadline to declare interest in running for executive council
  • Sat 12/14 Crew Union Holiday Party at Fourth Street
  • Sun 12/15-Fri 12/20 Elections conducted via online voting (we’re still finalizing how this will work)
  • Sat 12/21 Announce election winners


Election Procedures

Every two years Crew Union is required by our charter to perform elections for our executive council members. These are the people who ultimately run and determine the direction of Crew Supporters Union.

Eligibility to Run

Any current Crew Union season ticket holder or 2+ year member is eligible to run. If you’re interested in running you’re encouraged to attend a general meeting at 2pm on December 7th, prior to MLS Cup at 4pm.

If you don’t meet these minimum requirements we encourage you to still get involved and run next time.

Please notify John Clem ( if you’re interested in running. Deadline to enter is Sunday, December 8th, 11:59pm.

Voting Procedures

Voting will occur Sunday, December 15th through Friday, December 20th, this is the week following the annual Crew Union holiday party on Saturday, December 14th. All 2013 Crew Union members are welcome and encouraged to vote and will receive an email with instructions to vote online.

Duties of Executive Council Members


To maintain and grow Crew Union membership; to plan activities designed to encourage Crew Union participation; to engage in sponsorship and business matters for the benefit of the Crew Union and its members. The President may enter into business agreements and/or contracts without prior approval of the full Executive Council, as long as such business or contract is ratified by the Executive Council within thirty (30) days of commencement of the business agreement or contract.

Current President: John Clem

Vice President:

To maintain and grow Crew Union membership; to plan activities designed to encourage Crew Union participation; to engage in sponsorship and business matters for the benefit of the Crew Union and its members, to advise and assist the other Executive Council members in the performance of their duties;

Current Vice President: Ben Hoelzel


To maintain minutes of Executive Council meetings; to maintain all membership information; to notify all members of the final yearly meeting of the Executive Council and of upcoming Executive Council elections; to advise and assist the other Executive Council members in the performance of their duties;

Current Secretary: Megan Baloy


To maintain the general fund or account of Crew Union; to oversee the collection of membership dues and the disbursement of funds for Crew Union business conducted in accordance with this Charter;

Current Treasurer: Kevin McCollough

Executive Committee Liaison:

To establish and maintain public relations, community outreach, and other special initiatives involving the Crew Union; to organize, guide, and direct the Executive Committees and to report to the Executive Council on the activities of the Executive Committees.

Current Executive Committee Liaison: Cory Kiser


The above-listed enumerated duties of each member of the Executive Council are not exhaustive, and each Council member may take reasonable actions in furtherance of his or her enumerated responsibilities.

General Executive Council Responsibilities

  • Take turns driving the Crew Union van to tailgates
  • Take turns working ticket and merchandise tables at tailgates
  • Attend monthly Crew Union board meetings
  • Periodically attend meetings with the Crew front office
  • Periodically attend meetings with leadership from other Crew supporter groups
  • Periodically help with merch inventory and processing web orders

Welcome to the New

We’ve been working behind the scenes for a few months now and while we were hoping to have it ready for the new season we’re just happy it’s finally ready to share with you all.

Some of the features:


  • It’s easier for people to contribute to the site now that we’re using wordpress so you’ll start seeing some new authors like Patrick Murphy and Garyn Greene who’ll be doing match previews and reviews.
  • We’ve added more items to the webstore (admittedly to help clean out our storage space) and now can support calculating shipping costs for international orders.
  • Posts now support comments and we hope you’ll add to the conversation.
  • The calendar is still easy to find
  • The songs & chants page has been updated
  • You can give feedback about the site from any page from a floating button on the left. Like something, notice an error or anything else, let us know.
  • The responsive design should work well with mobile devices.
  • Support for a new easier to use and send out newsletter you’ll see in your inbox soon.

We do have a few pages that we’re still working on improving like our history page and a new Columbus visitor’s guide, but we’re always open to suggestions on how to improve our website.

If you’re interested in helping contribute to the website or even just help maintain the existing content (like adding new songs to the songs & chants page) shoot me an email.

Take a look around, we hope you like the new digs.

John Clem
Crew Supporters Union, President

2012 Crew Union General Meeting – March 31st

Recap 2011

  • Move to Fourth Street
    • The move to Fourth Street has been very successful. The relationship with the bar continues to improve and grow.
  • NorOnTour
    • Last year we successfully did three bus trips.
  • Philanthropy
    • We did numerous collections for the MidOhio Foodbank
  • Growth
    • Membership and season ticket holder numbers were up from 2010

Not-for-Profit Status Update

  • Crew Union is officially recognized as a not for profit with the state. Our status with the federal government is currently being reviewed.
  • We’re very proud about this distinction as we feel it differentiates us from other supporters groups in the league. It has also allowed us to establish a charter that will ensure the long term viability of the group.


  • The last few years we’ve been pretty conservative in our spending which has allowed us to collect a healthy amount of capital. This keeps us from needing individuals to put money down when we need to make large purchases for the group as we had to do in the past.
  • Memberships
    • 2011 – 354; So far in 2012 – 350; We’re thrilled with the amount of growth we’ve already seen with memberships this year, we think we’ll end up blowing our target of 400 out of the water.
  • Season Tickets
    • Crew Union has upped it’s commitment of season tickets that it buys to 200 this season, with 98 of those being purchased by members. The rest we use for day of game sales. This is over double the 43 season tickets purchased by members last year.


  • For the first time ever we will be doing four organized bus trips this season. The additional eastern conference games this season allow for more flexibility in choosing games.
    • 4/14 – Philly
    • 6/23 – Chicago
    • 9/15 – New York
    • 10/20 – DC
  • For the non bus trip philly and chicago games as well as some other games like Montreal and KC which many have expressed interest in we will still organize a group ticket purchase.
  • We’re currently looking at the possibility of paying for Crew Union member’s ticket when they travel to a western conference team.


  • The ‘old farts’ will continue to be organizing one hosted tailgate a month with free food.
  • We’re also looking at doing some different things for the tailgates they aren’t doing things. The logistics for bringing a food truck and catering for tailgates. Would like to do something big for the Chicago/Flogging Molly game.

Crew License Plate Campaign

  • Currently collecting signatures for the campaign. Need 500 to be accepted.
  • Have collected around 300 signatures so far.


  • Going to continue to make collections for MidOhio Foodbank.
  • Looking to do other events, but we’re looking for members to take an active role in them. If you have an event (ex. Polar Plunge, Crawl for Cancer, etc.) you’d like us to help with come to us and we can look at either helping through contribution or promotion.

Get Involved

  • If you want to get involved or volunteer to help on match days reach out to Cory.

New Merch

  • Membership Package
    • We had a design that could have been ready for Crewsmas Eve, but we didn’t think it fit with our group. So we went back to the drawing board and like what we’ve come up with. Hoping to have the new shirt available for NY home match.
  • Other things we’re working on
    • Women’s cut shirt
    • Hooded sweatshirt (put on hold a bit due to the mild winter)

Crew Union Pickup

  • We typically have 25-30 people come out.
  • 5pm on Sundays & 6pm on Wednesdays

Local Chapters

  • Trying to kick up efforts to promote viewing parties in other cities. Trying to see if there is a way we can get Crew to promote these.