Crew Union Charter

We, the members of Crew Supporters Union: Local 614, hereby form this charter to boldly state our allegiance to the Columbus Crew soccer team and to the city of Columbus, Ohio. We recognize that each member is an ambassador of our team, our city, and of the sport of soccer in the United States and around the world.

1. We will conduct ourselves in a proper manner to our neighbors within the stadium and out in public places of gathering. We embrace all creeds and cultures and welcome the diversity and creativity this brings to our organization. Each member contributes their own personal strengths, individuality, and spirit to Crew Supporters Union: Local 614. Furthermore and most emphatically, racism or bigotry in any way, shape, or form will not be tolerated.

2. We recognize that individual fans will have team favorites, preferences, and dislikes. Debate and discourse only makes our minds sharper, but we will leave this outside and form together as one group upon entering the stadium to support the Columbus Crew players. Each player wearing the crest of our Columbus Crew deserves our support as they conduct battle on the field in an effort to bring victory to Columbus. Our single purpose in the stadium is to stand behind our men, support them, and help drive and inspire them on to victory.

3. We do not condone the usage of organized vulgar language or violent behavior. Our purpose is to uplift, not to tear down. Let the lowest forms of support be given to those supporters of other teams who cannot conduct themselves above animalistic behaviors, as we are above this. People who insight violence will not be welcome, as this hooliganism makes all soccer fans in Columbus, this country, and around the world suffer the consequences of their behavior.

4. We discourage fans of other clubs with antagonistic agendas from entering the stadium section occupied by Crew Supporters Union: Local 614. Their disruptive and possibly criminal behavior is not welcome. We agree to treat fans of other clubs, of whom wish to engage in debate and discourse without instigating problems, with respect when engaged outside of the stands. Emotions run high and tempers short while in the heat of the moment, and for the best of all parties involved we make this statement.

**All local unions formed under Crew Supporters Union from various locations shall abide by such a charter to identify their beliefs in these principles and that they will abide by them, whether when traveling to Columbus or even from the other side of the world.**

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